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List of Features and Review of WannaMeet! App

There's no doubt that the evolution of communication technology, embodied primarily by smartphones has changed the way we communicate, and even how we establish relationships. In the old days, if you wanted to meet someone to see if there was a spark, you'd have to set up a first-date, find out about the other person and sometimes endure an evening of dead space between the useless banter. But no longer.

Now there are apps that take all the guesswork out of meeting someone you'd actually want to spend time with, and the latest entrant into this field is Wanna Meet! The application provides a platform for free dating experience. Let's take a look at what the app offers you and how it stacks up in the already-crowded field of social networking.


Alright, so what you want to know is how does this app work and what does it offer me that's cool?

Price: There is no charge to download the app onto your smartphone or tablet, which is always a plus. Nothing worse than spending money on an app that doesn't add anything to your social life, and actually makes you pay for the privilege of being disappointed.

Languages: Wanna Meet! Works in 30 different languages, so no matter what country you were born in, this dating application can accommodate your language needs. English is the primary language, but Wanna Meet! Also offers Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

Age Recommendation: Because WannaMeet! Offers you the chance to post sexy images of yourself, you have to be at least 18 years of age to download the app. This hook up app is meant to attract people who like what they see and read about another person, and thus gives you the freedom to post photos that are suggestive and enticing depending on your own natural inhibitions or lack thereof.

Device Compatibility: To use the Wanna Meet! The app you must have iOS 6.1 version or higher. The application works on iPod Touch, iPads and iPhones with version 5 or higher.

Profile: Upload your relevant details to create an attractive profile that others can browse to see if they're interested in contacting you. Your profile includes the option of adding a main image of yourself as well as the different languages you speak, interests such as sports, social activities and anything else that you think others will find interesting about you.

Location: WannaMeet! Pings your location and shows you other members within your geographic area who may be of interest to you. The app's GPS works throughout the world, so even if you're traveling out of town, you'll still be able to socially interact with other WannaMeet! Application users.

Matchmaking: After you've entered your profile information, including any kind of sexy, pensive or playful photo, the application lets you surf through the profiles and photos of the other Wanna Meet! users. If you find someone interesting while you're surfing, you click on a rectangular box at the bottom of your phone that says �Wanna Meet!' Then you wait to see if the person you've asked to meet hits you back, at which point, you'll see a message at the top of your phone that says, �It's a match!' followed by the name of the person you're interested in and a message that he wants to meet you as well.

Both your photos will appear on your phone, with the prompt, �Wanna chat?' and a �Later' or �Chat' option that lets you initiate communication instantly or delay it for another time. That's it, a simple one, two, three of Surf, Match and Chat.


Wanna Meet! is a cool, easy dating app to use. The browsing feature lets you review a number of different profiles to see who you want to get to know better. And as all good two-way social interaction apps should offer, you also get to accept or decline chat requests from people who like what they've seen on your profile. You can quickly scan the profile of someone's who asked to chat to see if there's any interest on your part. If you're not into the person, you just hit �Later' and you don't have to think about that person again. If you're interested, initiate the chat function and start texting. You'll know within a few minutes if the person merits further attention, and if not, you can end the chat in a friendly way and move on.

Another cool thing about the application is that if you're not on your smartphone or tablet for a long period of time, you can easily check up on the latest activity, by pressing the �Requests' option on your app, which will show you a list of the latest chat requests from other users. There will also be a picture of the person who made the request, the distance they are from where you live and two boxes, one that allows you to delete that person from the request list and another that lets you initiate a chat. In addition, when you click on another user's profile, there's a small box under the person's photo, which tells you if there are more images for you to browse so you can get a more complete idea of what that person looks like in various settings. The app also shows you where that person lives, which is really beneficial if the location is close to where you reside.

The bottom line is that WannaMeet! makes it pretty easy to meet people who may share your interests. It's a breeze to create your profile, and once you're on board, you can start browsing through a wide range of beautiful men and women. One advantage of this app is that it pushes the envelope a bit in terms of letting you post profile images that aren't just the same old �posed' photos, but encourages you to be creative, sexy and alluring. This is a social networking app that isn't afraid to target adults who know that so much of what draws people in today's digital age is what a person looks like, or how distinct a person's look is from the crowd. The app caters to the Internet culture where instant attractions and mutual satisfaction aren't dirty words. If you're ready to take a walk that's a bit more edgy than a traditional dating app, give WannaMeet! a test-drive. You might meet a friend, a date or a life long partner, depending on what you're seeking.